Diabetic Foot Ulcers Wagner Classification

The basic interest of having a clinical classification for the different stages of Diabetic Foot is used to articulate the appropriate therapeutic protocols to establish their predictive value when healing an ulcer. The Wagner classification (Meggitt/Wagner), evaluates 3 parameters: the ulcer’s depth, the degrees of infection and necrosis, this system developed by Wagner to classify diabetic foot ulcers has been widely accepted.


  • Grade 0: Ulcers have intact skin.
  • Grade 1: Ulcers are superficial with exposed subcutaneous tissue.
  • Grade 2: Ulcers have a deeper extent.
  • Grade 3: Ulceration involves the formation of abscess or osteomyelitis.
  • Grade 4: Ulcers involve partial gangrene of the forefoot.
  • Grade 5: Ulcers involve extensive gangrene.