About Us


Taking advantage of the current technology, Malesil Research and Technology has managed to become a leading pharmaceutical company for human well-being products, giving its patients, trust and health, and providing the advantage of extremely economical treatment costs.

With their research, they were able to find that this formula is excellent and miraculous for treating Diabetic Foot disease – “Blackfoot” since studies done on patients, cure and normalize this dreaded disease.

Malesil Research and Technology‘s mission is to develop and commercialize products for the general public that are healthy, accessible and highly effective, new research done with natural products brings us closer to controlling body sugar and to the primary elimination (at stage 1 ) of cancerous tumors through a preventive treatment.

After several years of study it was concluded at a 100% success rate, supervised by this new method’s inventors Mr. John Palacio and Florencio González.