Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires continuous medical care and patient education, one of the objectives is preventing chronic complications, among which is the so-called “Foot at Risk” or “Diabetic Foot” is very frequent.

It’s estimated that approximately 15% of all people affected with diabetes will be affected by an ulcer in their life. Hospital discharge information from around the world indicates that, among people with diabetes, up to 20% of all hospitalizations are related to ulcers below the knee. Every 30 seconds someone loses a lower limb because of diabetes.

Icorfin® a new salt derived from maleic acid (dicarboxylic salt), has been shown to have a lower molecular weight when compared to other Sildenafil salts. This lower weight means it’s safer to use because Nitric Oxide (NO) production is slower and more uniform than with other sildenafil salts. Therefore, Icorfin® offers increased cardiac safety and less adverse effects than other salts.

Icorfin® improves circulation and decreases foot ulcers granulation time in patients with diabetes, it decreases evolution time and treatment costs, as well as the psychological impact and risk of amputation, after a 12 weeks follow-up.

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ICORFIN® will provide 3000 cures at no cost

As a social responsibility program and for benefit of the patient, Icorfin® 10 mg. developed the “Icorfin® Patient Program” with the objective of helping the first 3,000 people who have Foot at Risk or Diabetic Foot and were registered in our aid program when the product was launched.

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Tips for Foot Care

At the end of a school year, it’s common to think about where to go on vacation or what to do with our children to keep them entertained, but we also need to know what precautions to take in case any of the family members has diabetes, we need to take care of our feet, as every patient with diabetes has a higher risk of contracting an infection if they walk barefoot…

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Foot problems in people with diabetes

Foot injuries such as these can cause ulcers and infections. Severe cases can even lead to amputation. Damage to the blood vessels can also mean that the feet won’t get enough blood and oxygen. It’s harder to heal your foot if it has a wound or an infection.

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The XXIX Mexican Diabetes Federation National Congress, A.C.

It will bring together the most outstanding specialists in diabetes, as well as health professionals, people living with this condition, their relatives and the general public who will share their knowledge and experiences through conferences, workshops and talks with the most updated information on the subject.

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